starry animal portrait commissions

$225 USD paid via Paypal invoice

Below you’ll find a gallery of examples. You can click the images to view them larger and use the left and right arrow keys to scroll through them. Pets, original characters (animals or anthropomorphic OCs), and more general animal prompts are all acceptable. Most animals will be painted from the shoulders up, however small animals like lizards, fish, and snakes may be painted full-body. Please ensure that I can see the references you link when filling out the form. If you are hosting your images on Google Drive, please allow access to I cannot approve a form without seeing references of the pet/character. Please scroll below the gallery for a general Q and A.

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q & a

What aspects can I (the commissioner) control or make suggestions about?
When you fill out the form, there are areas to write about the mood/expression/pose you would like as well as the general color scheme.

Do I get to see and approve a sketch?
Yes, I will send over a sketch before finishing the painting.

Are fantasy animals like dragons and unicorns acceptable?
Yes, however please do let me know what real-life animals your fantasy characters most closely resemble.

Are anthropomorphic/furry characters acceptable?
Yes, they will be painted shoulders-up (headshots).

Does submitting a form guarantee me a slot?
No, I will be choosing which commissions and I likely will not get to all of them. You are welcome to submit multiple forms and stipulate that you would only like 1 of your forms chosen. Make sure you fill out all the forms with the same name and write in one of the text boxes that you’d like only 1 form chosen from your multiple submissions.

How many submissions are completed?
I am aiming to take at least 2 submissions per month, however it is entirely dependent on my schedule.

Can I pay using a payment plan?
I won’t begin the commission until the full payment is processed, but I’m happy to set up a payment plan for you if I choose your commission and you need one!

What will the sketch look like?
The sketch will be at about the detail level of the example at the bottom of the page. I will generally also provide a couple sentences explaining my plans for the piece.

Can you work from a description?
I cannot work from a description. I need references of your pet or character.

What is the typical turnaround time?
Slots are taken on a per-month basis (ex: July slots, November slots, etc) and the commissions are completed before the end of that month. I may take commissions up to 2 weeks before their intended time-slot (ex: I may begin the process of accepting forms and processing payments for August slots around July 16th) however the commission will always be referred to as an August slot. There may be delays due to factors outside of my control, and if this happens you will be updated promptly and your slot will be either refunded or transferred to a later month. Generally once a sketch is approved, the final painting will follow within 2 weeks.

What size file to I receive?
You receive a 300dpi high res-file with a shortest side that is at least 16”. Generally these are 16x20” at 300dpi.

Can I print my high res file?
Absolutely, you are free to print it with wild abandon for personal use. Print it on a shirt! Print it on a phone case!

Can I buy prints through you?
Absolutely! Just ask and I can give you a pricing breakdown.

Can I use this painting for my commercial project, app, game, tv show, etc?
These are personal commissions, and cannot be used in commercial projects. If you’re looking for commercial freelance work, please email me at

What rights do you (the artist) retain?
I retain the right to post the images online and use them in any online or physical portfolios.

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